With this release we are also providing an option to setup your own custom rpc server.

Add rpc

With this release, users/developers can connect their own custom running nodes using the rpc URL. Provided, their nodes must be running Locally, on Carthagenet, or on Mainnet as tzstats and conseil.Js API currently provide support to connect to only these URLs. In order to add your own custom rpc follow the below steps. 1. Goto Settings and click on add rpc tab. 2. Enter the label, Network rpc, Tzstats explorer endpoint, and Network type. 3. Once you are done then click on save and viola you'll have your own rpc node added to GUI.

Remove rpc

1. Goto Settings and click on remove rpc tab. 2. You'll get a list of available rpc click on delete icon to delete the rpc. 3. Viola you're rpc will be removed from the GUI.
Last modified 1yr ago
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